A Kolbe Times Conversation with Mayor Naheed Nenshi

Naheed Nenshi was sworn in as Calgary’s 36th mayor in 2010, and became the first Muslim mayor of a large North American city. As a child of immigrant parents who moved to Canada from Tanzania, he knows first-hand the benefits of a society that provides opportunity and hope for all its citizens. He’s determined to make sure that the welcome and encouragement his family received is an ongoing reality for others. Continue reading

A Kolbe Times Conversation with Shane Claiborne

Shane Claiborne is one of the founders of an intentional community called The Simple Way in a poverty-stricken area of Philadelphia, inspired by the early church in the book of Acts. As a speaker, writer and activist, Claiborne has become known as a leading spirit in a gathering movement known as the New Monastics. With the publication of his book The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical in 2006, and seven other books since then, Shane Claiborne is a beacon of light to many believers seeking to live out Jesus’ teachings. Continue reading

Film Review: Theater of Life

Theatre of Life captures the remarkable story of how renowned chef Massimo Bottura, joined by 60 of the world’s top chefs, transformed food destined for the dumpster into delicious meals for Italy’s hungriest residents. A visual feast in itself, the film puts a human face on a powerful message of social justice and the environmental impact of food waste. Continue reading

Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Award Winners

The Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year is the world’s leading celebration of the art of food photography. Now In its sixth year, almost 40,000 entries have been submitted since its inception. Here are some of the stunning, prize-winning photographs from around the world from this year’s fierce competition. Continue reading