Diversity is Meaningless Without Inclusion

Dr. John Rook is the Managing Director of Calgary’s Mustard Seed, a faith-based organization with a stellar reputation of transforming the lives of people trapped in poverty and homelessness. His practical sense of the realities of poverty comes from decades of work in the trenches – but he also knows that the real key to lasting change is a community committed to genuine inclusion, with open hearts and generous spirits. Continue reading

A Kolbe Times Conversation with Shane Claiborne

Shane Claiborne is one of the founders of an intentional community called The Simple Way in a poverty-stricken area of Philadelphia, inspired by the early church in the book of Acts. As a speaker, writer and activist, Claiborne has become known as a leading spirit in a gathering movement known as the New Monastics. With the publication of his book The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical in 2006, and seven other books since then, Shane Claiborne is a beacon of light to many believers seeking to live out Jesus’ teachings. Continue reading

Little Loaves Farm: Faith-Based Farming

Becoming a farmer wasn’t necessarily in Jerremie Clyde’s life plans. But somehow it happened, and now, besides working at the University of Calgary, he, his wife and children live and work on Little Loaves Farm. They seek to grow great food while caring for creation, and the tale of their journey from city to farm living is a very inspiring one. Continue reading

Breaking the Fast: Inclusion and Dialogue During Ramadan

Pakistani American author and interfaith activist Saadia Faruqi writes a stirring account of how her mosque in Houston, Texas is using Ramadan iftars (breaking of the fast at sunset) as an opportunity to bring people from many faith traditions together. It’s a hope-filled story of new friends talking, eating, learning and growing together. Continue reading

A Kolbe Times Conversation with Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet

Widely known for his Galloping Gourmet TV series, Graham Kerr has worn many other hats in his life besides those of a chef and TV host. He has also been a sailor, military officer, hotel manager, best-selling author, Youth with a Mission missionary, husband, father and grandfather. At age 83, Kerr is as exuberant and creative as ever. Continue reading