Diversity is Meaningless Without Inclusion

Dr. John Rook is the Managing Director of Calgary’s Mustard Seed, a faith-based organization with a stellar reputation of transforming the lives of people trapped in poverty and homelessness. His practical sense of the realities of poverty comes from decades of work in the trenches – but he also knows that the real key to lasting change is a community committed to genuine inclusion, with open hearts and generous spirits. Continue reading

Little Loaves Farm: Faith-Based Farming

Becoming a farmer wasn’t necessarily in Jerremie Clyde’s life plans. But somehow it happened, and now, besides working at the University of Calgary, he, his wife and children live and work on Little Loaves Farm. They seek to grow great food while caring for creation, and the tale of their journey from city to farm living is a very inspiring one. Continue reading

Radical Hospitality and Holy Disruption

What if the moments that break us open and turn our preconceived ideas inside out are precisely the moments that God shines forth most brightly? Our guest columnist writes with refreshing frankness about the challenges of making space in our lives to “plumb the depths of the holy”. Continue reading