Quiet Places, Sacred Spaces

King’s Fold Retreat and Renewal Centre is situated on 166 acres of prime recreational land straddling the Ghost River in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, about a one hour drive northwest of Calgary. We are committed to hospitality as the expression of the openhearted welcome of God, creating sacred space for spirit and body. We welcome our guests into our community and offer them a quiet, safe, hospitable place where they can retreat, be renewed and be refreshed.

Chapel, King's Fold - photo by Michelle Newsham

Chapel, King’s Fold – photo by Michelle Newsham

We like to introduce our guests to both the human-created and Divine-created spaces of King’s Fold.  Respect and reverence for the sanctity of these spaces is evidenced in hushed voices, slowed stride, and quiet wonder.  Our guests help us renew our own awe and gratitude of God’s provision of this place.

Although we have set apart some intentional sacred spaces, we regard all 166 acres as sacred. Each person who visits can be wooed in ways as unique as they are, by the Creator whose fingerprints are all over King’s Fold. A guest may encounter the Good Shepherd, the Resurrected Lord, or the God of Peace. It could happen on a quiet path by the river, sitting on a swing while gazing at the mountains, or in their own sorrow, kneeling at the foot of the cross on a prayer walk. Many who come find a unique space that becomes sacred for them.

Mountain view, King's Fold - photo by Carole McIvor

Mountain view, King’s Fold – photo by Carole McIvor

Some of our intentional sacred spaces include: a dining room and library with fireplaces where one can sit and listen to the embers crackle, read a good book, or enjoy a home cooked meal; a chapel in the woods, always open for prayer, contemplation and worship; an inviting greenhouse/solarium with a wonderful view of the river valley where guests can read, reflect or just be; cabins set apart from the main facility for solitary fasting retreats; prayer walks paralleling both the journey of Christ and the journey of his disciples; a labyrinth, for spiritual discovery and meditative prayer, filled with metaphor for our own journey; and many trails for nature walks and short hikes in our pristine wilderness setting.

King's Fold Retreat and Renewal Centre - photo by Karen Hofer

King’s Fold Retreat and Renewal Centre – photo by Karen Hofer

Our ministry is to provide quiet spaces for people – to rest, to reflect, to pray, to retreat.  Often at King’s Fold, quiet spaces become sacred spaces. People are touched by God here. Perhaps that’s what makes a quiet space a sacred one.

The Emmaus Road Prayer Walk, King's Fold - photo by Michelle Newsham

The Emmaus Road Prayer Walk, King’s Fold – photo by Michelle Newsham



Visit us online at www.kingsfoldretreat.com or call us at 403-932-3174 if you are interested in exploring our sacred space.






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