Laura Locke

Laura Locke

Laura Locke is an educator, award-winning journalist, and editor of Kolbe Times. She is happily married to Bill, and they have three grown children. Laura loves biking, cooking, reading and playing her accordion in the Acclectica Accordion Ensemble.

Rev. Danah Cox: Creating Community through Art, Faith and Food

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Masters of Divinity and more than 25 years experience in the top French restaurants of New Orleans, Rev. Danah Cox is man with a mission. He’s put together a series of engaging programs designed to coax out the creativity in all of us, while sparking our spirituality – with the added bonus of a spectacular gourmet meal. Continue reading

Life with Tourette Syndrome: A Mother’s Perspective

Longtime Sesame Street writer Emily Perl Kinsley, whose son Jason has Down Syndrome, once wrote that raising a child with special needs can seem like planning a trip to Italy, and then finding out that you’re headed for Holland. But after you’ve been there awhile, you begin to notice that “Holland has windmills, and tulips…and even Rembrandts.” Continue reading