Hide and Seek

Ready or not, you tell me, here I come!
And so I know I’m hiding, and I know
my hiding-place is useless. You will come
and find me. You are searching high and low.
Today I’m hiding low, down here, below,
below the sunlit surface others see.
Oh find me quickly, quickly come to me.
And here you come and here I come to you.
I come to you because you come to me.
You know my hiding places. I know you,
I reach you through your hiding-places too;
feeling for the thread, but now I see –
even in darkness I can see you shine,
risen in bread, and revelling in wine.

“Hide and Seek” is from Malcolm Guite’s Sounding the Seasons, a volume of sonnets for the church year, published by Canterbury Press in 2013. His latest book, also published by Canterbury, is The Singing Bowl. Both books are widely available online, including from Signpost Music at stevebell.com/category/news.

Malcolm Guite

About Malcolm Guite

Malcolm Guite is a poet, singer-songwriter, Anglican priest and teacher living in Cambridge, England. He lectures widely in both the UK and North America.
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