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Featured Artist: Jaylene Johnson

We fell in love with Jaylene Johnson’s new album, Potter & Clay, filled with beautifully-crafted, intimate songs about the bumpy road of faith. Hear a sampling of tracks from the album, as we discuss her darkest moments, lessons learned, and blessings out of the blue.   Read more...

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Welcome to Kolbe Times

I’ll never forget the day, many years ago, when my Dad handed me a little box covered in wrapping paper. I was puzzled, because it wasn’t my birthday or any special occasion. Inside was a little wooden chickadee on a piece of driftwood that he had lovingly carved and painted. I asked him a little suspiciously what this was all about, before I even said thank you. He laughed at the baffled expression on my face, and asked me why there had to be a special occasion to give me something.  My Dad died a number of years ago, but I still take great delight in that little chickadee, sitting on my mantelpiece.

Our theme this month is “unexpected gifts”. Maybe those are the best kind, because they feel like sheer blessings, totally unearned. And the amazing thing is that there are unexpected gifts all around us! Some gifts lie hidden until we’re ready to see them. Some are the unanticipated by-product of certain experiences.  And some just blossom in front of us without any warning, like a baby’s smile or a compliment from a friend.

It seems to me that the key to spotting these unexpected gifts is our attitude. I wish we could walk around every day with a sense of child-like curiosity and anticipation, truly trusting that God holds us in the palm of His hand and only has our best interest at heart. The French philosopher and theologian Teilhard de Chardin once famously wrote, “Everything that happens is adorable.” I love that sentence – though some days I don’t feel quite that enthusiastic.  

But if we could see life as a grand adventure, to be embraced in its wholeness, taking Jesus at His word when He tells us we have nothing to fear… well, surely we’d see everything as gift.  And on that note, we hope you enjoy this issue (our gift to you!)


Laura Locke
Editor, Kolbe Times

P.S. Enter our draw for a copy of our Featured Artist Jaylene Johnson’s new album Potter & Clay – your choice of a CD or free download.  To enter, all you have to do is “like” our Facebook page.

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