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Biohacking: New and Improved Humans

by Bill Locke

Biohacking, as its practitioners call it, has echoes of the computer hacking culture – including a growing global community. Bill Locke takes an outsider’s look at what it is, and more importantly, where it’s headed… Read more...

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Welcome to Kolbe Times

In this issue of Kolbe Times, we present voices calling for change in our culture, and in our lives. What does it take to be a change-maker? History shows that it doesn’t necessarily take special skills, or a high I.Q., or a lot of resources. It’s attitude that counts. Basically, it’s about a willingness to ask tough questions, and the audacity (or maybe naïveté) to think that change is possible. Plus, it’s useful to have the kind of hard-headed persistence that doesn’t give up at the first sign of failure.
Get ready to meet some folks with attitude, who feel drawn into the work of healing and mercy and justice.  We’ll also explore some hot-button topics in our modern world, such as minimalism and biohacking.
In our examination of these plucky voices of change, we saw a common thread, and a word for all of us. We are not called to save the world by ourselves. It’s in our faithfulness to the small tasks that God puts in front of us that most healing journeys begin. It’s in humility and community that real strength is found. And it’s often in the midst of confusion and breakdown that breakthroughs happen. In her book The Other Side of Chaos, Margaret Silf writes: “Chaos is a sacred reality, the very thing needed for a new creation to begin. Chaos is a gift, overflowing with potential.”
Join us for a glimpse into the lives of some movers and shakers, who aren’t afraid to get their feet wet in the waters of chaos.


Laura Locke
Editor, Kolbe Times

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