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A Kolbe Times Conversation with Graham Kerr

Widely known for his Galloping Gourmet TV series, Graham Kerr has worn many other hats in his life besides those of a chef and TV host. He has also been a sailor, military officer, hotel manager, best-selling author, Youth with a Mission missionary, husband, father and grandfather. At age 83, Kerr is as exuberant and creative as ever.


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Welcome to Kolbe Times

We’ve had the idea to dedicate a whole issue of Kolbe Times to the subject of food for a while now, and it's been great fun putting it together…though I think I gained a few pounds. But the experience has also been enlightening as we began to realize the multi-faceted ways that food impacts us all. It looms large in so much of our lives: our family gatherings, our milestone celebrations, our efforts to welcome new neighbours, our show of love and concern for sick friends, our travel adventures to new places… even our business meetings (if donuts can be called food).

Food also looms large, or at least often, in the Bible. Many times it is used metaphorically – Your words are sweeter than honey to my mouth (Psalm 119); Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness (Matthew 5); Give us this day our daily bread (Luke 11); etc., etc. There also seem to be an awful lot of banquets, wedding feasts and dinner parties going on in both the Old and New Testaments. From his early experiences growing up in green and fertile Galilee, Jesus wove images of planting, reaping, and the gifts of the earth into His parables.

We in our western culture seem to be a society of ‘foodies’ at the moment – as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and the Food Network clearly indicate. Could it be that we’re just concerned about our health, or are we looking for a way to engage our senses after sitting in front of a screen all day? Are we craving community, or is it more about showing off our culinary expertise? And what about the vast amounts of food that is wasted every day on this planet, while many of our fellow humans don’t have enough to eat? So many of the issues surrounding food are intensely complicated, partly because they’re all wrapped up in memories from our childhood. You’re going to find that there’s plenty to ‘chew on’ in this issue…(sorry).


Laura Locke
Editor, Kolbe Times

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